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 We have worked with many public organizations to develop partnerships benefiting our client partners and the community particularly in Santa Clara County. For Kaiser Permanente, we worked diligently to support their Thrive brand through collaborative, unique partnerships that have withstood the test of time and are shared as best practices with other services areas, organizations and built upon by other community partners.


In 2007, we worked with employees and physicians to develop a creative child friendly program at eight community events throughout Santa Clara County. The Teddy Bear Clinic (TBC) followed the traditional model of a clinical visit including reception, visit with a clinician and non-clinical volunteers greeting families and children with handwashing activities. The visiting child received a teddy bear upon their visit and the clinician gave the bear a wellness check.

We also worked to bring not one but two Farmer’s Market to the KP San Jose medical campus providing employees, physicians and the community a much needed resource for healthy eating alternatives through a partnership with the Pacific Coast Farmer’s Market Association.

In 2005, we developed a partnership with the San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum promoting healthy lifestyle choices through play. The public relations team worked in partnership with museum staff to create the “Kick Start Eat Smart Healthy Lifestyle Initiative” in order to modify existing exhibits and add new programming encouraging health eating and physical activity.



  • Recognized by the California State Assembly for outstanding community service
  • In 2007, more than 100 physicians and employee volunteered 400 hours and reached 3,500 children and their families
  • Teddy Beard Clinic became a multi-year initiative and was developed as a best practice tool for other facilities in Northern California
  • Addition of new programming such as the “Pizza and Rainbow Market” focused on healthy eating choices
  • Collaborated with Museum staff to design new “Healthy Eating Pledge” initiative designed to extend healthy messages beyond the museum
  • Delivery of healthy concepts through the  new “Eat a Rainbow Every Day” Challenge including the “Healthy Eating Pledge” offering several paths to improving eating habits: Introduction to CDM’s fruit and vegetable mascots; character trading cards for participating in the program at CDM or downloading a paper version; and a Web site with child-friendly and adult recipes featuring colorful fruits and vegetables
  • Institutional transformation of the Kids’ Café menu and environment to promote healthy eating
  • Kaiser Permanente’s continuing partnership and commitment to HEAL initiatives at the Children’s Museum for more than ten years
  • Quarterly “Kick Start Eat Smart” weekends



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