What We Do

Community Engagement

Simply put, we believe we should talk less and listen more. People are tired of being talked to, spoken about and labeled. They want to be valued for their perspectives, engaged in solving community problems and empowered for positive social action and results. We work with businesses, nonprofits and government agencies whose core values push their communications to be inclusive of all communities and their voices.  They partner with us to discover and deliver the most strategic ways to meet their audiences where they are and to deliver actionable wins and results. We believe in the “go to mecca” model and engage communities by hitting the streets, conducting interviews and focus groups to build culturally sensitive and multi-generational  campaigns and initiatives with impact. Results will vary but we promise to deliver actionable plans, create innovative approaches, build community trust and influence positive change.

Services We Offer

External Engagement

  • Being a physical presence in the community
  • Community advisory committees
  • Focus groups & workshops
  • Print & web-based information
  • Publicity & advertising campaigns
  • 'Shape Your Community' engagement events
  • Surveys
  • Translating planning documents into 'plain English'
  • Walking tours of proposed planning areas

Internal Engagement

  • Crisis communication & collateral pieces
  • Internal intranet & staff notice boards
  • Powerpoint presentations & collateral
  • Staff-focused newsletters

What We Do

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