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For starters, it’s more difficult than you might think to find a single expert or team who can execute on a full-fledged PR campaign (e.g., graphics and creative, effective content writing, media pitching, coordinating and planning events, running social media, handling social campaigns and more). And if you do have a high-functioning team, they may need support during times of change or excessive growth. KeeWest Associates is a well-rounded boutique agency with experience supporting a wide array of services including: Communications strategy, community engagement, events, issues advocacy, media relations, and strategic planning. We get the big picture and can get things done. 

We see so many businesses and nonprofits struggling to create an external communication and marketing strategy while maintaining the bottom line and yet it simply isn’t their core area of expertise. KeeWest Associates is here to partner with you every step of the way – defining a strategic brand and communication direction, building a thorough communication budget and portfolio and executing on outreach strategies that provide flexibility including adding owned media, paid media, video storytelling and shared media to your toolkit.

We believe that building relationships, developing trust, changing behavior, or deepening  brand awareness often requires going beyond a press release, conducting a community meeting or sending a tweet. It often means developing lasting partnerships, programs and community collaborations that deliver the results your audiences seek. We believe in getting our hands dirty, understanding the issues and connecting your organization’s strategic needs to the right audiences in order to deliver tangible social community change and results. 

 Whether you’re a business or nonprofit, your greatest strength is the belief in your mission and positive community impact by employees and customers alike. According to the 2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report employees are forcing organizations to move beyond mission statements and philanthropy and reinvent themselves around a human focus. When CEOs were asked to rate their most important measure of success in 2019, the number-one issue they cited was “impact on society, including income inequality, diversity, and the environment.” KeeWest Associates is focused on helping nonprofits and companies breach that divide and create a human connection through strategic communication and authentic connections. 

With 25+ years of experience building high performing public relations teams and portfolios for nonprofits and businesses, KeeWest leadership has a unique hands-on perspective that one-size does NOT fit all. We know how to customize communications strategies that fit your budget, audience and  organizational goals that are on target and deliver results.


Once a contractual agreement is finalized we will invoice according to the payment agreement through PayPal. 

We work how you work best that means we will come to you for in-person meetings; schedule Facetime or Google Video Chats as necessary or use more traditional means of communications including email, conference calls and 1:1 phone calls.

Interested in learning more about KeeWest? Just drop us an email at or call (925) 719-5327.

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