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Owned & Paid Media

  You could be asking how owned and paid media work coordination with earned media and do I really need to focus on them all. The short answer is “Yes, you really do need them all,” for a really effective digital marketing and communication strategy. What good is a stellar website if you don’t have earned media and social content to help consumers navigate to your site – the final destination.  Earned media gets people interested in what you have to say through such things as traditional articles, reviews, retweets and feeds good content on owned social channels.

Earned media is essentially the megaphone but owned media is what is vital to your brand. Through your website, blog, and social media channels you can effectively tell your story and engage with your audience. The fun part is finding ways to connect and engage through blog posts, info-graphics, podcasts, video, press release and more. The sky is the limit to elevate your brand. 

Paying to promote content can also help get the ball rolling and create more exposure. Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer advertising that could potentially help boost your content as well as your website and there is also the more traditional localized route for advertising depending on your need and strategy.  Below are just a few ways KeeWest Associates can help you plan your next meaningful strategy online. 

Services We Offer

  • Blogs & storytelling
  • Contributed media
  • Owned media
  • Paid traditional advertising
  • Paid social marketing
  • Social media campaign development
  • Website content curation

What We Do

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