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An Extension of the Public Relations Team
An Extension of the
Public Relations Team

Take a look at how we’ve approached clients’ advertising, branding and PR challenges. As an integrated public relations agency, we utilize multiple disciplines to solve agreed upon marketing and branding objectives. We create advertising, PR, design and brand identity solutions that help organizations tell their story, connect to community and flourish.

60 %
2018|2019 Grew Leadership Group total organic Facebook reach 135% & Twitter total followers 7.8% in 2019
2018|2019 Increased Leadership Group print media mentions to 1,110+ domestic & abroad
$ 0 M
2016|2019 Administrated content & design for $1.5M in traditional & digital ads for the Leadership Group
2014|2015 Expanded KP Children's Health Plan community pipeline from 235 to 835 community partners


Silicon Valley Leadership Group


Working in collaboration with lead campaign agencies, we were charged with supporting campaign efforts where the Silicon Valley Leadership Group played a critical role…

Kaiser Permanente

At KeeWest Associates, we foster innovative approaches to achieve communication objectives. We work with many public organizations to develop…

Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Digital & Visual Identity

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group concerned that name recognition and brand was lagging particularly among community residents despite having strong elements…

Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Event Suite

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group sought to enhance organizational signature events, create new experiences for attendees and explore new fundraising event themes. Through the development

Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Earned Media & Media Relations

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group requested a focused media strategy to raise the profile of the organization particularly with major local television…

Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Owned & Paid Media

While the organization’s traditional media presence was well established, they sought to  enhance their presence on owned media channels requiring a cohesive multi-channel strategy

Kaiser Permanente

Strategic Planning

Kaiser Permanente Charitable Health Care Coverage Operations required a strategic planning extension to their team to oversee the new Community Partner Initiative and a team of  seven to…