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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning, long-range planning, visioning … whatever you may want to call it, your organization needs to know where it’s headed and how it’s going to get there. And everyone needs to be on the same page, aligned, especially members of your senior leadership team. There’s no other way to create focus, purpose and a clear path to success.

If you find yourself asking, “how can we create greater clarity and focus for our executive team, staff or core community constituencies  to reach our communication and outreach goals,” then you might benefit from strategic planning that launches your organization in a more focused direction.  At KeeWest Associates, we bring the kind of insight and strategy that meets your goals including process and team development, road maps to meet your long-term communications goals and the planning experiences to get it done whether it involves public relations, media relations, crisis communications, social media and more. To get you started, here are some key steps to help your planning process:


  • Assess leadership engagement – Are your leaders engaged with the journey you envision for your organization? Nothing slows change and progress more than leaders who don’t believe in the change journey themselves.
  • Narrow your focus – Do you know exactly what you want to improve, your organizational strengths and weaknesses and general key messages you want to convey?
  • Develop your greatest growth ambition and strategy to get there – Unlocking growth opportunities starts with looking outside of your organization to uncover emerging trends and market needs your company can address.

  • Identify opportunities – Do you need help to identify a partner to help you think beyond your current capabilities and reach and help assess  your brand landscape, trends and uncover growth opportunities?
  • Research your target and stakeholder audiences – What do they need and want to hear from you? 
  • Consider your communication resources – Do you have the staff and applications to  communicate effectively and efficiently or do you need assistance moving your communication and outreach  strategy forward?
  • Control communication – Influencing the perceptions of other people isn’t easy, we know. However, developing key messages that are clear, concise, honest and positive puts you in control of the information that is ‘out there’ and allows you to influence your audience


  • Align & engage leaders, employees
  • Brand identity & messaging
  • Communication processes, staffing & efficiency
  • Developing marketing communications strategic priorities
  • Executive Communication
  • Identify growth & community engagement opportunities
  • Reorganization or restructure
  • Strengthening employer reputation
  • Stakeholder mapping

What We Do

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